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Hall Vizsla's Mark of Excellence is at Vizcaya Vizslas in Winder, GA for a breeding with BISS GrCH Vizcaya's Fantasy Finish. Puppies should arrive on or about Oct. 31, 2014 and will be ready to go home on or about Dec. 24, 2014. If you are interested in a Vizsla and can provide a performance home, please call me at 713-851-3035.
CCMajestic Vizslas is pleased to announce that CH Hall's Sir Dewar of Dirigo Cand Hall Vizsla

Welcome to our site (formerly hallvizslas.com), my name is Fran and I live in Spring, Texas along with Gabi, Isabella, Dewars,  Zevah and Cali.  We are glad that you have come to visit, and I look forward to being of assistance in any way possible with your Vizsla needs. If I dont have the answer, I can help find it.

When I purchased my home in Spring,TX in 1998, I walked in the door with 12 week old Zach. I bought Dirigo Darling Gabriella (Gabi) in 2014. Echo and Belle are the offspring of Zach and Gabi . Dewars is out of Gabi and CH Dirigo Benagain. Benagain is owned by Larry and Suzanne Gray of Sudbery, MA.  Zevah is out of  Gabi and BIS  BISS  Am/ Can CH Dirigo Gamblers Marker ROM HOF, also owned by Larry and Suzanne Gray. My newest Vizsla is Cali. Cali is out of CH Hall Vizslas Isabella (Belle) and CH Dirigo Benagain.

I have a B.S. in Zoology and a B.S. in Nursing. I enjoyed my practice in the field of Cardiology and even managed to work in Labor and Delivery.  I am the resident birthing expert. To date I have never had an undersized or unhealthy puppy, no stillborn puppies, or puppies lost during delivery. I have put in many hours researching the best food and supplement to keep my dogs healthy and it shows every time we have a new litter.

In 2014, 4 (four) of Gabi's progeny finished their Championships in Conformation. I believe the success in the Conformation Ring is due to the the conformation to the Breed Standard, beauty, and temperament of Majestic Vizslas. My goal is to breed a healthy, even tempered Vizsla that conforms to the Vizsla Breed Standard. In this way I feel that I am breeding Vizslas that improve the breed.  I have had several repeat puppy buyers, individuals that are very happy with the Vizslas from my breeding program and returned to us for their next Vizsla.  

Zach's hips were "Excellent" as per OFA studies . Gabi, Isabella and Dewars' hips are Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) certified Excellent", Zivah's hips are OFA "Good". Only 15.8% of Vizslas whose hip films are sent to the OFA for certification are "Excellent". We are very pleased to have OFA Excellent and Good Vizslas in our breeding program. I also have OFA testing for congenital abnormalities on hearts and all are "Normal" and OFA testing on Thyroids and all are "Normal". Gabi is 11 1/2 and has been "retired" since her fall '08 litter, Belle is 6 1/2,  Dewars is 5, and Zevah is 3 years and our Cali is now 17 months old. We welcome you to come visit by appointment.

Please check my other links to see puppy pics, how to pick a puppy, other Vizsla links, current owner testimonials, current litters, etc.

Please let me know how I may be of assistance with your Vizsla questions, puppy interests, or any other way that I can share what I  have learned about the greatest companions anyone could ask for, loving, beautiful, "Majestic"  Vizslas!